Jessica Mesman: Church as muse

If I want to feel faith and emboldened in my faith that happens through art. My most profound spiritual experiences have probably happened through reading books.”

-Jessica Mesman

Season 1. Episode 3 of Messy Jesus Business The Podcast, hosted by Sister Julia Walsh



In episode three, Sister Julia speaks with guest Jessica Mesman about arts and discipleship. Their conversation explores how art and literature feed faith, writing as a spiritual practice, and how complicated and messy it can be to remain in relationship with the Church.   


Jessica Mesman is a writer, editor, and speaker on religion and the arts. She is the author of four books of spiritual writing, including the award-winning memoir Love and Salt. She is cradle Catholic who now worships in many different communities. More information about Jessica and links to her work are found at


Sick Pilgrim Blog

Love and Salt by Amy Andrews and Jessica Mesman

Authors referenced in the show

Graham Green

Flannery O’Connor

Rosemary Haughton

MESSY JESUS BUSINESS is produced, hosted and edited by Sister Julia Walsh.

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