Lessons learned in liminal spaces

this is the space of chrysalis--
of break-downs & becoming 

something better 
something more true
(we hope, we imagine)

this is the crazy time (some say)
this is what they warned us about:
"remember, you are more prone to accidents
and illness. remember to breathe."

no maps are available
no one has been here before
no one knows what's ahead

this is a time for noticing 
where once-was has collapsed
and might-be is still unclear
this is the interim, 
the great in-between

in this space, 
ghosts linger close &
"have faith, trust" 
"keep going" "let go"

in this space we abandon oppression
in this space we lean into freedom
in this space we cry to/with
Alpha, Omega & the Almighty Now

it's OK to grumble in the desert
it's OK to doubt
& cry.
really. it's OK to cry
with the weeping of the shadows
(is anything defined?)

in this space we cry with each other 
for when all is stormy and unsettled 
it's OK to feel fear with hope
it's OK to fear grief with joy
it's OK to feel excitement with anxiety
it's OK to feel gratitude with rage
it's OK to feel everything 

for you are crossing through splitting seas
you are moving through passageways 
towards mystery and dreams

for this is holy ground 
this is the great bridging & rebuilding
this is sacred space
where we see 
what was wrong
with what we
once named

for this is a space to allow
a new creation 
to burst and blossom 
to get ready 

we are on our way

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