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Welcome to the call to community. Welcome to the mess of relationship, differences, variety and perspectives.

Come on into this Christian work of spreading the Good News and building up the Church and world we hope for, long for, believe in. Contemplate the Gospel with us. Resist injustice with us. Pray with us.

This is the stuff of Messy Jesus Business.

Here at Messy Jesus Business – the blog and now the podcast – we’re exploring the mess of radical Gospel living. We experience Christian discipleship as a life of struggle as we advocate for social justice, live simply, serve others, practice contemplation and live in community. 

For nearly 10 years, this blog has been offering insights, resources and reflections for radical Gospel living.

Along with Sister Sister Julia Walsh, FSPA (Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration) the Messy Jesus Business guest bloggers–formerly known as Rabble Rousers—have offered works of creative nonfiction, poetry, essays and resources related to radical Gospel living. We still welcome their reflections about walking with Jesus into the messy parts of discipleship.

Now we’re expanding the meaning of what it is to be a Messy Jesus Business Rabble Rouser to include anyone who participates and contributes to the shaping of this online community. Now you can become a Rabble Rouser too! 

Sign up HERE to join the newly forming community of Messy Jesus Business Rabble Rousers.

The building of God’s reign of peace and justice needs you! We welcome all people into the community as we explore the margins and celebrate the goodness. 

Welcome to the mess! 

Messy Jesus Business The Podcast

Steven P. Millies: Our World Needs All Hands on Deck Messy Jesus Business

In Season 2, Episode 2, Sister Julia Walsh talks with Steven P. Millies about the believer’s role in our highly-politicized ecosystem. We also dive down into the interplay of sin and polarities, the importance of trusting in Divine timing and our jobs as Catholics working on the assembly line on the project of building God’s reign.
  1. Steven P. Millies: Our World Needs All Hands on Deck
  2. Father David A. Jones: The Intersection of Oneness and Rugged Individualism
  3. Ellen Walsh-Rosmann: Feeding the Hungry during COVID
  4. Marlena Graves: The dangers of money, power and influence
  5. Jason Odhner and Laura Ankeny: Nursing as a Work of Mercy and Justice

Messy Jesus Business, The Blog

Making good trouble and the trouble with goodness
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Steven P. Millies: Our World Needs All Hands on Deck
In Season 2, Episode 2, Sister Julia Walsh talks with Steven P. …