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Welcome to the mess.

Here at Messy Jesus Business – the blog and the podcast – we’re exploring the mess of radical Gospel living. We experience Christian discipleship as a life of struggle as we advocate for social justice, live simply, serve others, practice contemplation and live in community. 

For nearly 10 years, this blog has been offering inspiration, resources and reflections for radical Gospel living.  Along with Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration Sister Julia Walsh, the Messy Jesus Business guest bloggers offer works of creative nonfiction, poetry, and prayers related to the messiness of following Jesus in our modern world.

black-white-drawing-woman -black-cloak-washing-dishes
“Saint Therese Doing the Dishes” by Brother Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS
Photo courtesy of Amy Nee-Walker

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Our blog includes reflections, prayer, and poetry on all sorts of topics that concern radical disciples. Climate Change. Racism. Gun violence. Poverty. Politics. Parenting. The Works of Mercy. Nonviolence. And much more.

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God is with us in all this hardship

when chaos storms Capitolsor your fragile heart and mindthe God of order restoresthe law of love remainswhen fatigue bends your body or your ambition, motivationthe God of rest renewsrestoration is comingwhen heartache breaks you downand you are crushed, cryingthe God of comfort holdsfeeling grief is holywhen fear is the fire that burns youand you areContinue reading “God is with us in all this hardship”

Our Podcast

Sister Mumbi Kigutha: Transforming Pain through Reconciliation Messy Jesus Business

"Defining reconciliation for me is pretty simple, it's restoring right relationships," Sister Mumbi explains. But true restorative justice requires four pillars: peace, mercy, justice and truth.
  1. Sister Mumbi Kigutha: Transforming Pain through Reconciliation
  2. Father Adam Bucko: Every Day A Beginner
  3. Jon Sweeney: Finding Comfort and Confidence in the Mess
  4. Shane Claiborne: Faith as Fuel for World Change
  5. Michael Okinczyc-Cruz: Where Civic Life and Mystical Life Meet

Discern Your Vocation

Sister Julia companions spiritual seekers and women who are discerning a call to religious life.

The building of God’s reign of peace and justice needs you! We welcome all people into the community as we explore the margins and celebrate the goodness.

-Sister Julia WALSH FSPA


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