Gospel living is messy.

Christian discipleship is a life of struggle, as we advocate for social justice, live simply, serve others, practice contemplation and live in community. Welcome to the mess.

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Messy Jesus Business

We are followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are people on a journey of radical discipleship. And we are exploring the messiness of social change, creativity, advocacy, devotion, peacemaking, contemplation and community life through our podcast, blog and other resources. Wherever you are in your faith journey, there’s something here for you. 

In our blog and podcast, we explore the meaning of vocation and Christian discipleship. Tune in and subscribe to hear spiritual teachers, social justice activists, Catholic sisters, community organizers, servant leaders, ministers and authors reflect on how they have embraced the mess that comes with following Jesus and living according to the Spirit.

“I never miss an episode of this podcast. Sister Julia is an excellent interviewer and brings on a wide variety of guests… I love her laugh… I feel a kinship to her.”

-Jane (Apple Podcasts review)

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