I Walked into Suffering on the Road to Santiago

“For as long as humans have walked, they have walked to get closer to their gods.” The words appear on top of a PBS website in white upon a black background—an over-simplified truth, smacking with arrogant certitude. At least that’s the way it feels to me when I stare at the screen just a fewContinue reading “I Walked into Suffering on the Road to Santiago”

One life together

As of the writing of this reflection, Witness Against Torture, The New York Catholic Worker, and Voices for Creative Nonviolence, among others, are in the midst of a week-long fast for the victims of the recent airstrikes and ongoing besiegement of Yemen. There we see, once again, one of the poorest countries of the worldContinue reading “One life together”

Appropriately disturbed and loving my distant Aleppo neighbor

Along with many people far and near, I have been terribly disturbed by images from the Syrian war recently. Appropriately disturbed. Early last week, I felt physically ill while I watched a news story about doctors and hospitals being targeted by airstrikes. Then, just a few days later, the images of Omran Daqneesh, the fiveContinue reading “Appropriately disturbed and loving my distant Aleppo neighbor”

God likes hearing from us

At the start of each school year I have my students fill out a survey in order to get to know them quickly.  It’s a long survey with all sorts of questions about their families, what they like to do for fun, their favorites, and, most importantly, their faith. I’ve done this for at least five years,Continue reading “God likes hearing from us”

Peace is always possible

The talk of bombing Syria is awful, just as the violence that has been happening there is horrific.  I’ve been groaning a lot and praying really hard.   Arguments about war make me cringe.  I especially get sick in my stomach when I hear intelligent people explain excuses for violence as if it’s the bestContinue reading “Peace is always possible”

Peace, as the shepherds knew it

Merry Christmas! Yes, my celebrating continues. My rejoicing in the coming of God to earth is not about candy canes or toys. Nope, Christmas Every Day is all about peace and peacemaking and it’s not necessarily cozy and sweet.  Christmas peace is challenging and communal. My life seems pretty peaceful nowadays, and it is aContinue reading “Peace, as the shepherds knew it”

Laments for Boston, the peace of Christ and the wisdom of Mr. Rogers

We want answers. When tragedy and violence shatter our peace we want answers. Why?! How?! Who?! How could God let this happen?! Our laments rise like incense, meeting storm clouds of emotion. Today, the laments are heavy in the city of Boston. The bombings at the marathon yesterday cause our nation to shudder. Many areContinue reading “Laments for Boston, the peace of Christ and the wisdom of Mr. Rogers”