Sister Chioma Ahanihu: Lending Your Voice

Sister Chioma Ahanihu shares how the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd’s death helped her find her voice in the midst of the mess, when she was part of a protest for the first time.

Love as I’ve loved you … OR I WILL TURN THIS MINIVAN AROUND!

As a mother, nothing brings me greater joy than witnessing my daughters’ love for one another. Each time they giggle in mutual delight at a game they’ve invented, insist on “sister snuggles” to begin the day or tenderly care for one another’s “ouchies,” I feel as though they’ve just given me an extravagant gift. NoContinue reading “Love as I’ve loved you … OR I WILL TURN THIS MINIVAN AROUND!”

Dear Aemiliana, Dear Sarah

Note: Mother Aemiliana Dirr founded the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in 1849.  After difficulties fulfilling their mission, she and some other sisters left the order in 1860 and lived out the rest of their lives as lay women.  I have written Mother Aemiliana a letter. July 28, 2011 Dear Aemiliana, My heart is soContinue reading “Dear Aemiliana, Dear Sarah”