In God’s Image: Finding Jesus in the Mundane Mess of Motherhood

“Your loving doesn’t know its majesty, until it knows its helplessness.”   – Rumi “Pretty bad day here – I think if parenting was something one was allowed to quit I would have by now …” This was the content of an e-mail I tapped out on the phone to my husband while he was atContinue reading “In God’s Image: Finding Jesus in the Mundane Mess of Motherhood”

Big picture love

Union with God: we pray for it, long for it, work for it. But, are we prepared for what it can do to us? How much could we be transformed if, for example, we start to see the world as God sees it? And, what does love got to do with it? Last night I renewed myContinue reading “Big picture love”

messy wonder

piles to file thicker than the bed of rest the to-do list, too long can’t know what to bless desk deep big mess anxiety eats at the sleep dreams, concerns for Christ’s kingdom make one weep distracted from NOW: so stop, breathe, be praise God run wild into wonder and ride renewal to joy.