Being merciful to yourself in the Year of Mercy

Mercy is the point where God’s love meets the needs of the world. When Pope Francis opened this Year of Mercy he stated, In this Jubilee Year, let us allow God to surprise us. He never tires of casting open the doors of his heart and of repeating that he loves us and wants toContinue reading “Being merciful to yourself in the Year of Mercy”

What if Jesus prayed like this?

After all the people had been baptized and Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” (Luke 3:21-22) Sometimes I like toContinue reading “What if Jesus prayed like this?”

Spiritual rights for the mentally (sk)illed

So, this week some depression symptoms have come back. Fatigue, heaviness, a dull pull at the sides of my mouth, a silent scream in my throat, anxiousness, and a few intrusive thoughts of self-harm. But, I’m a veteran. I know what to do. Give it to Jesus. Increase self-care. Decrease stress. Pull out my toolboxContinue reading “Spiritual rights for the mentally (sk)illed”

A new school year and a refreshed legacy

Like many students and teachers around the country, I recently started a new school year. As this new year began to feel imminent, I looked back on my experience of teaching, so far. I hesitate to admit that I haven’t always loved teaching. Sure, when I started this important ministry eight years ago, I lovedContinue reading “A new school year and a refreshed legacy”

coming home

Guest blogger: Sister Sarah Hennessey Family life is messy.  If you are part of a family you probably know what I mean.  To be church is to be family.  To me this means that we are more than some institution or club to belong to; as family we belong to each other.  Our lives weaveContinue reading “coming home”

Santa Chiara praying

This is a poem I wrote and published here last year, on the feast of St. Clare: pregnant with poverty she stands up boldly holding Truth with “always” piercing her lips the pure Truth-Light shields and embraces her back covered with brown like earth she beckons community to the table breaking open Bread of unionContinue reading “Santa Chiara praying”

“Done Made My Vows to the Lord”

Guest blogger, Sister Sarah Hennessey Sister Thea Bowman sings the old spiritual song.  My vows have already been made to the Lord.  When I was around 12 I first began to really experience God.  That led me to become an active Quaker and to seek God through silence and service.  Somewhere along the way IContinue reading ““Done Made My Vows to the Lord””