Radical hospitality and responsible parenthood

While driving home from church last Sunday, I watched a man frantically chase a public bus for an entire city block, only to miss it by a few seconds. The bus stop he was trying to reach is just steps away from my house, and I waged an internal debate with myself as I pulledContinue reading “Radical hospitality and responsible parenthood”

The conundrum of kids at church

One of my Facebook friends recently posted a rant about mothers who show up late to and leave early from Mass.  He stated that he has more respect for people who don’t bother coming at all: “Either be all in or all out.”  Others chimed in with “Amens” and further complaints about the entertainment andContinue reading “The conundrum of kids at church”

The sacrament of matrimony

By guest blogger: Steven Cottam On September 29th, my wife and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary. In honor of that occasion, I’ve prepared some reflections: what I’ve learned within the sacrament of matrimony. To be fair, it’s quite possible I’ve learned nothing. A year ago I was pretty sure I had the wholeContinue reading “The sacrament of matrimony”

Motherhood and Not-So-Simple Simplicity

By guest blogger  Nicole Steele Wooldridge I always used to find it challenging to live out the value of simplicity in a contemporary Western context.  Now, as a mom, I find it nearly impossible. I am blessed to be the mother of a twenty-month-old daughter and another little girl due in two months.  I desperatelyContinue reading “Motherhood and Not-So-Simple Simplicity”

Putting away childish things

Guest blogger Steven Cottam I’m getting married in a couple of weeks, and so naturally I’ve spent a lot of time recently meditating on what it means to be a good husband. One thought that keeps coming back to my mind is that I’m surprised I’m getting married only because it seems like such anContinue reading “Putting away childish things”