Sister Tracey Horan
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Sister Tracey Horan: Love Without Borders

Sister Tracey Horan

“There’s nothing that I wouldn’t give to just tear that wall down.”

– Sister Tracey Horan

Season 4, Episode 3 of Messy Jesus Business podcast, hosted by Sister Julia Walsh.



In this episode of Messy Jesus Business, Sister Julia Walsh talks with Sister Tracey Horan about her journey from being a teenager arguing in favor of a border wall, to an educator and minister working on the border who wants the wall torn down.

They discuss the problems with Title 42 and the importance of restoring asylum protections for those who need them. They touch on the human rights of migrants and the harsh realities for people traveling at the U.S./Mexico border.

“Holding that tension of these painful experiences, and also accompanying people who have that desire to claim that right is a really tough, messy space to live in,” Sister Tracey explains.

They also discuss how the dangers of organized crime affect the poor and vulnerable, and how to advocate for justice and comprehensive immigration reform. Lastly, they consider community, and how to build it by being authentically present to another and working together in the mess.

In this episode, Tracey and Sister Julia reference this blog post on Messy Jesus Business.

Since this episode of Messy Jesus Business podcast was recorded, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention renewed Title 42, to remain in effect indefinitely.

Contemplative moment is from Luke 18:1-8.  


Tracey Horan, S.P., is a Sister of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, and Associate Director of Education and Advocacy for the Kino Border Initiative in Nogales, Sonora and Arizona, where she has lived and worked since 2019. Sister Tracey has ministered with Latinx migrant communities in a variety of contexts for over a decade. She previously worked as a teacher and then as a community organizer, and has grappled with the gifts and challenges of intentional community living in a variety of contexts, including with biological family, Catholic Worker companions, and vowed Catholic Sisters from a variety of backgrounds. This fall, Sister Tracey will celebrate seven years as a religious sister.

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