Wow, we’re in a mess. We don’t have to read too many headlines for this to become apparent: across this nation and the wider world, we’re anxious and isolated. We’re polarized and fighting. 

Yet, we need each other. We are called to appreciate – celebrate – diversity. The inclusion of every culture, nation and people is an element in the reign of God, in the pictures we’re presented throughout the New Testament of the Bible, from the start of the book of Matthew to the end of Revelation. Even while much remains uncertain, the Spirit continues to summon us into the messy places of discomfort. So, we’re entering into contemplation and service, to help all know God’s love and peace.

This is some of what I assert here, in this interview with Jennifer Grant that is part of Compassionate Christianity‘s “Faith, Hope and Love in an Election” series. 

This is a messy time, and we are full of longing. We’re longing for stability and hope. We long to know our value and worth, to experience a sense of belonging and meaning. Only together, can we step forward into the mess of discomfort and build a Church and society flourishing with the values of inclusion, hospitality, service, solidarity, compassion and mercy.

Welcome to the call to community. Welcome to the mess of relationship, differences, variety and perspectives. Come on into this Christian work of spreading the Good News and building up the Church and world we hope for, long for, believe in. 

This is the stuff of Messy Jesus Business. And now, Messy Jesus Business is one place where you have a spot, where you can play a part in spreading the Good News!

Yes, it may be virtual (for now), but we’re building a community. Introducing … the Messy Jesus Business Rabble Rousers!

Here at Messy Jesus Business – the blog and now the podcast – we’re exploring the mess of radical Gospel living and how Christian discipleship brings disciples into a life of struggle as we advocate for social justice, live simply, serve others, practice contemplation and live in community. 

For nearly 10 years, this blog has been offering insights, resources and reflections for radical Gospel living. Many faithful readers may have noticed gradual changes throughout the past few months: changes in design and the launch of the Messy Jesus Business podcast. 

Messy Jesus Business guest bloggers have been known as Rabble Rousers. And while we still welcome their reflections about radical discipleship, we’re expanding the meaning of what it is to be a Messy Jesus Business Rabble Rouser to include anyone who participates and contributes to the shaping of this online community. Now you can become a Rabble Rouser too! 

We’re looking for a team of energized Messy Jesus Business Podcast listeners and blog readers to join our community of Rabble Rousers. Enter into the mess with us and help us spread the good news, however you can: social media, social spaces or in your own special ways. We’ll be depending upon you to contribute ideas about how to grow our reach as well as possible podcast guests and topics you’d like us to tackle. And, we’ll have some fun, too, with virtual get-togethers and exclusive opportunities. You’ll receive a small gift of gratitude for your contribution of ideas and energy, plus chances to help influence the future of Messy Jesus Business and expand its reach. We promise we won’t take much of your time; we simply want to ensure our message reaches those who need it and that we’re creating content that resonates with all those who are navigating the mess.

Ready to start? Sign up HERE to join the newly forming community of Messy Jesus Business Rabble Rousers.

The building of God’s reign of peace and justice needs you! We welcome all people into the community as we explore the margins and celebrate the goodness. 

Welcome to the mess!