A new school year and a refreshed legacy

Like many students and teachers around the country, I recently started a new school year. As this new year began to feel imminent, I looked back on my experience of teaching, so far.

I hesitate to admit that I haven’t always loved teaching. Sure, when I started this important ministry eight years ago, I loved it. I was full of passion and energy and idealism. I was going to change the world, one willing student at a time.

Somewhere along the way, however, I felt my passion for the ministry wane. I fell into a bit of a rut and lost interest in striving for meaningful growth, for myself or my students. I recycled lesson plans and techniques, lacking the energy and motivation to try to find better practices in order to meet the students’ needs. I was questioning whether or not to leave the classroom and…

[This is the beginning of my latest column for the online newspaper, Global Sisters Report. Continue reading here.] 

The new view from my teacher desk in my classroom. Photo by Julia Walsh FSPA
The new view from my teacher desk in my classroom. Photo by Julia Walsh FSPA

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  1. I love your article, Julia! It’s so personal, with Sister Lucille Kleinheinz at the center, but in the end so universal, because I expect there are many sisterhoods who have a “Sister Lucille,” and long histories with their local Catholic high schools.

    Another thought: Back in the day, everyone depended on “the Sisters” to run the Catholic Schools. Now it’s a cooperative effort, with Sisters and priests, but mostly other Catholics from the pews taking adult responsibility to bring up our children in the faith. Probably a healthier situation.