Who will save the hunger striker?

“Eternal God…You know that these men have testified falsely against me.  Would you let me die, though I am not guilty of all their malicious charges?” This week the daily mass readings begin with the cry of Susannah, unjustly accused by corrupt officials, sentenced to death in the presence of the people.  We read thatContinue reading “Who will save the hunger striker?”

a mucky way of peace

As I continue to try to be a faithful disciple of Jesus I continually confront the messy, cluttered commotion along the Way.  I feel like I keep switching from being stunned by the beauty and caught in my human confusion. The words I pray every morning stir my questions: “Blessed be the Lord, the GodContinue reading “a mucky way of peace”

ugly body

orange over me upon still solemn sidewalk silent under black My breathing quickens. the truth is too tight: innocent men are confined tortured to death human-inflected trauma in the name of national security The cells of my eyes water what my heart holds. my love, Jesus, tortured by thorns, nails, cross laments stab while questionsContinue reading “ugly body”