St. Rose Glowing

A saint is glowing. With faith and strength She moves Through streets. Faithful, Italian, teen  dusty poor garments. Much flows in the breeze. Truth proclaimed. A cross exalted. She vibrates with prayer, and is strengthened by poverty. Illumined by holiness. She shines and influences us- here now- in this future time. St. Rose we celebrate you!  HappyContinue reading “St. Rose Glowing”

The saint and the sisters of St. Rose

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Affiliate Emily Dawson works at St. Rose Convent in vocation ministry. She was asked to write about the correlation between St. Rose of Viterbo, the patron saint of the FSPA (whose feast day is today), and life in the convent. When I asked a FSPA in the know about St.Continue reading “The saint and the sisters of St. Rose”