Walking in beauty

No matter what the season, God helps me to find the beauty in the neighborhood in which I live. Perhaps one of my biggest struggles as I develop my spiritual practices and prayer life is staying in the present moment. I find my attention wandering not only during prayer, but during meals and conversations withContinue reading “Walking in beauty”

God make us poor and nonviolent like St. Francis

Happy St. Francis Day! In light of all that is making humanity hurt far and near—the evils of greed, economic inequalities, environmental destruction, endless war and gun-violence—on this ordinary and holy day, I find that my heart desires to emulate two particular aspects of St. Francis’ prophetic life from 800 years ago. I am prayingContinue reading “God make us poor and nonviolent like St. Francis”

Gleanings from “The Francis Factor”

  Question from the audience: I am a rich Christian. What should I do? Shane Claiborne (smiling hugely): Ha! If only Jesus had said something about that! Sometimes I feel that if only Jesus had left some concrete teachings, a pattern of life to follow and a community of believers to hold on to, itContinue reading “Gleanings from “The Francis Factor””

4 photos from Assisi

I have been back from Assisi for a few weeks now, after spending over two weeks on pilgrimage there. The effects of the experience are still sinking in. Slowly, I am coming to know what the after-effects of my Assisi experience actually are. It has occurred to me, though, that certain images and experiences lingerContinue reading “4 photos from Assisi”

Power, politics and Pope Francis

It’s St. Francis day and we have a Pope Francis! Thanks be to God, Pope Francis is really using his time in leadership to make big changes and redefine roles.  Basically Pope Francis is doing a great job of honoring his namesake, St. Francis of Assisi.  This is really good news for Franciscans like me whoContinue reading “Power, politics and Pope Francis”

3 simple ways to honor St. Francis today

Happy St. Francis Day!!! I love this guy. Today, I invite you to do three simple and important things to honor St. Francis and his legacy that continues to inspire people, like me, to follow Jesus in messy, authentic ways.  The three actions I propose are totally Franciscan things to do. Join my Franciscan family and me inContinue reading “3 simple ways to honor St. Francis today”

the weirdness of witnessing

It’s not easy living a public life. Sometimes I’d rather be anonymous or just completely unnoticed.  It’s a lot of pressure because those who know that I am a Franciscan sister, a Christian and a modern follower of Jesus are paying attention to my moves.  What type of picture am I painting about what radical ChristianContinue reading “the weirdness of witnessing”

Ode to St. Francis

Father of feasting, fasting and fun: your ecstatic love of God still feeds us with inspiration, devotion, commotion, communion, so we gather up sticks and play violins. we kneel in the dirt praying praising, remembering our mother earth, our sister water, the fox our brother Jesus a babe, born so simple in a barn, poor-Continue reading “Ode to St. Francis”

in a torture chamber, remembering love

Sure, we’re Easter people and there’s a lot to rejoice about.  Yet the Christian life is no easy street. In fact, sometimes it feels like following Christ brings me right into torture chambers. Beloved: If you are patient when you suffer for doing what is good, this is a grace before God. For to this you haveContinue reading “in a torture chamber, remembering love”