Christian resistance in the style of St. Francis

It’s indisputable that today’s signs of the times point to heartache, injustice, division and confusion. The truth seems to be debatable. The persecutions of the little ones — from immigrant children, refugees, victims of natural disasters and targets of sexual assault; those who are on the margins — often are the ones who bear theContinue reading “Christian resistance in the style of St. Francis”

St. Francis Day Photos

Worldwide Franciscans like me are celebrating the founder of our order today. On the eve of this day, in 1226 St. Francis of Assisi died and went to heaven. Last night we celebrated the Transits to memorialize this sacred story. Today we remember and honor St. Francis’ story and contributions to the Church. Through his witness 800 years ago,Continue reading “St. Francis Day Photos”

3 simple ways to honor St. Francis today

Happy St. Francis Day!!! I love this guy. Today, I invite you to do three simple and important things to honor St. Francis and his legacy that continues to inspire people, like me, to follow Jesus in messy, authentic ways.  The three actions I propose are totally Franciscan things to do. Join my Franciscan family and me inContinue reading “3 simple ways to honor St. Francis today”

Ode to St. Francis

Father of feasting, fasting and fun: your ecstatic love of God still feeds us with inspiration, devotion, commotion, communion, so we gather up sticks and play violins. we kneel in the dirt praying praising, remembering our mother earth, our sister water, the fox our brother Jesus a babe, born so simple in a barn, poor-Continue reading “Ode to St. Francis”