In this time of great distress

The book of Revelation is a profound example of resistance literature. The author, a disciple named John, is responding to a crisis: the severe persecution of the Church in the late first century. He himself is in exile, in Patmos, a Roman penal colony and island located between Greece and Turkey. The vision John receives andContinue reading “In this time of great distress”

Blessed Oscar Romero and Sister Antona

I am proud that several sisters in my community have served in El Salvador. In fact, some of them acquainted as friends with the American church women who were martyred in 1980 during the Civil War. The sisters in my community who were in El Salvador were ordered to return to the United States inContinue reading “Blessed Oscar Romero and Sister Antona”

St. Rose Glowing

A saint is glowing. With faith and strength She moves Through streets. Faithful, Italian, teen  dusty poor garments. Much flows in the breeze. Truth proclaimed. A cross exalted. She vibrates with prayer, and is strengthened by poverty. Illumined by holiness. She shines and influences us- here now- in this future time. St. Rose we celebrate you!  HappyContinue reading “St. Rose Glowing”