Sister Mumbi Kigutha: Transforming Pain through Reconciliation

“Defining reconciliation for me is pretty simple, it’s restoring right relationships,” Sister Mumbi explains. But true restorative justice requires four pillars: peace, mercy, justice and truth.

a regular Easter in broken chains

Happy Easter! Easter joy is ringing and Alleluias are all over the place. Jesus is alive and we can celebrate! This is the Easter joy I was hoping for, praying for. I wanted to feel Easter joy because it had been a hard, exhausting Lent. I intensely felt the story of the Triduum this year. HolyContinue reading “a regular Easter in broken chains”

The sacred secular: Where’s the Love?

One of the joys of serving as a Catholic high school theology teacher is encouraging students to expand their concepts of faith, religion and spirituality. When I was a high school student, I remember being encouraged to listen to Christian music (only), to read Christian books (only) and watch movies approved by the Church. Certainly, withoutContinue reading “The sacred secular: Where’s the Love?”

alive in the studio

Trying to be a faithful Christian sometimes feels like living in God’s limitless art studio. God is the Great Artist who is always at work creating us anew.  We get to co-create and this communion brings us closer to God. Since ending my ministry at the high school my creativity has been slightly out ofContinue reading “alive in the studio”