Black cloth

Red broth, steaming soup, vegetables just picked, now my lunch; I slurp life in. Phone rings Sister Laura on the line, “Sister Rita is dying. I’ll put the phone to her ear. Say what you’d like. She can’t talk, won’t respond. Say your good-bye.” A pause. My lungs expand, mind races, I search my heartContinue reading “Black cloth”

content within

in Christ there is: a Kingdom Come            a sunset soaring in Christ ALL is there, here contained embraced grounded gained like a garden perpetually growing in Christ we are home like how a bold blanket           can hold our creases and quiet our senses so we are open to the the hushed silent presence of LoveContinue reading “content within”

seven days of salvation

strangers grip palms, bond at bus stops grins by glory, pilgrims unite onward, hosannas and hellos true buzz on the street: whisper, plot, might centuries of destruction and war ring doom age the days of tension, hoping who can save us from our plight? bright spring moon, free, feasting friends wash feet; bread, wine multiplyContinue reading “seven days of salvation”

at 30

A triple feast day proclaims the goodness of God: a servant to the poor, Basil a chapel for Franciscans devoted to Mary, the mother of God and a combination of dreams and awe. I pause with amazement and praise. Abundance gathered in a year now proclaimed: infants in arms being a mother, Godmother I meanContinue reading “at 30”

Poems For Corpus Christi

My Daily Bread   Will I grow old alone, a pitied spinster, the dried-up nun?   Can we grow young, Like the seaside, when your first Kiss taught me justice?   Elopement was never much of an option. A slow steady courtship has made me yours a thousand times.   My wine-soaked heart My lungsContinue reading “Poems For Corpus Christi”

Easter Eucharist

frosted fresh cookie crumbs coat the painted tile ground icons of mysteries shatter the ugly fear shame sorrow pain that did eat the inside of my broken bruised beaten heart. Now, in my hands warm gooey dough still hot baked beauty blessed together we eat unite as the feast meets my cells and taste budsContinue reading “Easter Eucharist”


the lacy trees caress the breeze like solemn faces staring into eternity hoping to see, understand what is happening across the gray cloud cover a sudden clear message: time to, must stop cheering, chattering, sobbing over life lost and mission done stand together lean into the new Easter leaves and remember to be family listeningContinue reading “response”

a children’s story

We rise with sleep in our eyes.  We dance on the broken ground. We run to town to tell the news.  In the grave? Not there, no more! Somehow and someway, life has won. Easter morning has arrived. Hooray! Satan sees that God’s Truth teases.  Freedom lives. Love is power.  Peace redeems.  “Ha, take that!” Continue reading “a children’s story”