Messy Jesus Business: Blog and More

Messy Jesus Business is more than a Catholic blog. For over a decade now, Sister Julia Wash, FSPA and other members of our creative team have been contributing their reflections on radical discipleship and the messiness of Christian life. With an ecumenical approach, Messy Jesus Business explores the mess of radical Gospel Living as we advocate for social justice, live simply, serve others, practice contemplation and live in community. We are a Christian blog about radical discipleship; a human rights blog; a reflective and contemplative blog and yes, a social justice blog.

A social issues, human rights, and social justice blog

Seeking understanding in the midst of the mess, and conveying insights to those on the path requires a team willing to put the full scope of their creativity to work. So, our writers leverage their skills to express the mess to the best of their abilities through:

  • Prayer
  • Poetry
  • Creative nonfiction or prose
  • Deep reflection
  • Thought-provoking essays
  • Commentary
  • Christian perspective on current events
  • Thoughts on living well

Content often includes creative expression of the challenges and joy of radical discipleship, as well as reflections on current events, news, injustice, social problems and more.

Messy Jesus Business is a safe space for anyone struggling with the mess of modern-day life and the call to live out the Gospel.

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