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Contemplating the messiness of Christian life

The Messy Jesus Business Blog is an ecumenical Christian gathering of musings about what it means to live the Gospel today. A variety of contributors offer prayer, poetry, book reviews, creative nonfiction and prose about what it means to live a life of faith in our complex, modern times.

  • In Dependence

    Guest blogger: Steven Cottam I do not depend on God. Well, I mean I do, as all existence does.  But I prefer to think that really I succeed because I’m a hard worker and a good guy and I’m ever so smart. All I ask, really, is that God not smite me with some sudden…

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  • Dear Aemiliana, Dear Sarah

    Note: Mother Aemiliana Dirr founded the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in 1849.  After difficulties fulfilling their mission, she and some other sisters left the order in 1860 and lived out the rest of their lives as lay women.  I have written Mother Aemiliana a letter. July 28, 2011 Dear Aemiliana, My heart is so…

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  • ugly body

    orange over me upon still solemn sidewalk silent under black My breathing quickens. the truth is too tight: innocent men are confined tortured to death human-inflected trauma in the name of national security The cells of my eyes water what my heart holds. my love, Jesus, tortured by thorns, nails, cross laments stab while questions…

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  • Fascination of the mundane

    Guest blogger: Elizabeth Diedrich “Hola. Hello. How are you?” For the past two years every conversation I have had with Carlos has been the exactly the same. “I am well. How are you?” Or every once in a while I will respond in Spanish. “Buena. Como estas?” Then, Carlos in his heavy accent laughs at…

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  • “Done Made My Vows to the Lord”

    Guest blogger, Sister Sarah Hennessey Sister Thea Bowman sings the old spiritual song.  My vows have already been made to the Lord.  When I was around 12 I first began to really experience God.  That led me to become an active Quaker and to seek God through silence and service.  Somewhere along the way I…

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  • a children’s story

    We rise with sleep in our eyes.  We dance on the broken ground. We run to town to tell the news.  In the grave? Not there, no more! Somehow and someway, life has won. Easter morning has arrived. Hooray! Satan sees that God’s Truth teases.  Freedom lives. Love is power.  Peace redeems.  “Ha, take that!” …

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  • Coloring outside the lines

    Guest blogger: Elizabeth Diedrich Scripture reflection for the Fourth Sunday in Lent Scripture Readings: 1 Samual 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13a; Psalm 23: 1-3a, 3b-6; Eph 5:8-14; John 9:1-41 “This man is not from God, because he does not keep the sabbath.” Throughout the Gospels, Jesus maintains a continual conversation with the religious leaders of his day….

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  • instruments of peace

    At the high school where I work we begin we begin every day with prayer. On Fridays the entire school says the Peace Prayer of St. Francis. The words weren’t written by St. Francis. The Peace Prayer of St. Francis was written in the 1900s and became popular during World War II. The words remain…

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  • Compass

    Compass by guest blogger, Sister Sarah Hennessey             I’d like a compass with you to the north and my sister to the west.   I’d keep it in my pocket and take it out when I can’t remember the skin  I’m in or the rhythm of my song.   To…

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  • hallow hope

    Bored with the rosary beads and anxiety of agendas I gaze up from the corner chapel in my 9th floor imaginary tree house home. My blurred vision moves from the cross to the obnoxious glow of the golden arches and hallows the hope that once was fire warming my heart over the violent city. Yet,…

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  • Segues

    Posted by guest blogger, Sister Sarah Hennessey My dad taught me the subtle art of segues.  As a child I would sit in his lap and watch him transition smoothly from one song to another as a volunteer radio disc jockey.  Sliding the controls with his strong hands brought the rhythms of one jazzy beat…

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