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Sister Jenny Wilson: Mercy, Grace and the Mess

Season 5, episode 6 of Messy Jesus Business podcast, hosted by Sister Julia Walsh.

“I found the courage somewhere to take the step, and once I took the step,
it was reaffirmed.”

-Sister Jenny Wilson



In this episode of Messy Jesus Business podcast, Sister Julia Walsh talks with Sister Jenny Wilson about how she became a Sister of Mercy and her life-changing experience of service in Guyana.

They discuss God’s call to us to surrender, and how God provides the grace for us to do so. And they explore what radical discipleship means to Sister Jenny. “In a way, it’s getting out of bed every morning. It’s getting out of bed with that enthusiasm.”

They talk about the mess of being an educator during a pandemic, and the collective shift we are experiencing as the pandemic’s effects continue. “I have a different perspective because I come at most things that I do as a sense of call,” says Sister Jenny. “And I think many people, they don’t use that language, but they’re kind of moving towards that in their lives.”

Lastly, they consider how it is radical, messy and countercultural to live a life of service and contemplation.

“In some ways I love people and I care about people so much that embracing that messiness in myself and in others is what makes my call real,” Sister Jenny explains.


Sister Jenny Wilson is a member of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. With a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a master’s degree in Education Studies, she has worked with homeless women and children as a social worker and presently is a theology teacher at Mount Mercy Academy in Buffalo, New York. She also serves as the diversity, inclusion and equity coordinator and cross country and track coach at Mount Mercy Academy.

Before entering the Sisters of Mercy, she completed two years as a Mercy Volunteer corps member in Guyana, South America. She travels there yearly to work with Mercy Volunteer Corps.

Sister Jenny loves the outdoors, traveling and exploring new places and cultures.

CONTEMPLATIVE MOMENT is a reading from Luke 6:36-38.

MESSY JESUS BUSINESS is produced and hosted by Sister Julia Walsh, and edited by Charish Badzinski.

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