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Beverly Lanzetta: The Freedom of Surrender to the Divine

Season 4, Episode 8 of Messy Jesus Business podcast, hosted by Sister Julia Walsh.

“Once we surrender into that place of the Divine…we’re moving in the waters of the holy.”
-Beverly Lanzetta



Sister Julia Walsh talks with theologian, author and teacher Beverly Lanzetta how she lives out her call to surrender to the Divine and be a contemplative guide, and how loving and surrendering God can be an innate experience.

“Once we surrender into that place of the Divine, we’re not going against anything, we’re moving in the stream, we’re moving in the waters of the holy,” Beverly explains. “And so the more humble we are the more we get a glimpse of what’s possible…and that gives us a freedom to try to paint pictures of the sacred in the world and to plant seeds.”

They also talk about the mystery inherent to interspiritual and interreligious dialogue. “I think God is big enough to hold our various expressions, the ways in which God has come to us,” Beverly says.

They also explore the mess of living a spirtual life, and how God provides groundedness.

“You know it’s like digging in soil: our hands are going to get dirty, we’re going to get dirt on our hands when we dig and plant the seeds,” Beverly explains.


Beverly Lanzetta is a theologian, contemplative scholar and teacher, and the author of many groundbreaking books on emerging universal spirituality and new monasticism. Dedicated to a vision of theological openness and spiritual nonviolence, her work is considered to be a major contribution to what theologian Ursula King called, “a feminine mystical way for the 21st century.”

Beverly is also a vowed monk of peace living in the world and an interfaith chaplain. She has formed a community of new monks—single, married, partnered, celibate, etc.—dedicated to the universal mystical heart and to the spirituality of nonviolence. She has devoted much of her life to mentoring people who seek a deeper contemplative commitment and who wish to take personal monastic vows. She has taught theology at Villanova University, Prescott College, and Grinnell College.

MESSY JESUS BUSINESS is produced and hosted by Sister Julia Walsh, and edited by Charish Badzinski.

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