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Prayer of Mixed Emotions after the Conviction of Derek Chauvin

Lord of Mixed Emotions,  
thank you for knowing. 
Thank you for knowing 
where we hurt,
what we fear, 
what we dread,
and what makes us sing.

It's a strange day, Lord,
the day after many of your children
sighed deep sighs of relief, 
and cried out to you with gratitude --
thank you for being with us, for hearing us --
for it would have been way too awful 
if Derek Chauvin had not been convicted 
of the wrong that was plain as day.

It's a strange day, though, 
for many of us are not convinced 
that locking anyone up
will change anything.
"He has sent me to proclaim
freedom for the prisoners
and recovery of sight for the blind,
to set the oppressed free." 
You read those words right out loud, Jesus. 
Your Truth and Love is also plain as day. 

And so it seems we have ended up
at the foot of Your cross, 
laying down our swords and shields
and offering you our grief and groans
smack in the middle of Eastertide.

Holy Liberator, 
who holds our sorrows and joys,
and tends to our broken hearts
and broken systems
and teaches about True Justice,
thank you for changing 
the bandages on our wounds, 
and swirling us back into the dance.
Thank you for leading 
the joyful revolution.

God Who Knows Our Pain, 
we are desperate here
and still trying hard 
to gain our sight,
to set prisoners free --
to create a world, with you,
where all the oppressed
are really liberated. 
We are crying, 
and we are smiling. 

Holy Liberator,
Your children are dying 
and we know this madness 
will only end
if we work with you,
through you, and you thorough us.
And we thank you
for hearing our desperate cries
for life, for Mama, for equity,
justice, mercy and restoration. 

Fierce Spirit, 
Help us to listen 
to your fierce whisper. 
Help us to respond 
with courage and love.
Stir the flames in our hearts, 
ignite our hope, 
inspire our action,
and guide our steps,
no matter the struggle,
no matter the complications. 

You are The Way, 
we are your children 
made up of mixed emotion. 
We pray you help us
heal and change
ourselves and this
slanted society
so that all know
your love and justice--
so we see ordinary resurrections
and dance with joy and wonder,
seeing all the freedom.

We pray this through You,
the power of Oneness, 
as beloved community, 
with trust and love, 
in you, our Lord Who Knows.


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