Call for creative communion

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I nearly skipped the liturgy. I almost didn’t head out into the cold night.

After two full and exhausting days at the Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I wasn’t sure if I had any energy to interact with another person, especially any of my literary heroes.

Yet, I made my way through the slushy streets and into a dimly lit restaurant, with a copy of Presence clenched under my stiff arm. I found a seat, snug between strangers, tucked tight into rows of chairs facing a simple microphone and small table.

Others stood on the edges of the room, sipping wine and eating hors d’oeuvres. I looked around the space, and felt too shy to offer my customary grins and waves to any face I recognized, because my body was tight with the feeling that…

[This is the beginning of my latest column for the online newspaper, Global Sisters Report. Continue reading here.]

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  1. Julia, thanks for sharing such a beautiful example of creating community. I truly believe that God desires that each of us do that daily wherever and whenever we have the opportunity to do so. And yes, we are all guilty of passing up those ” sacred, holy ground” opportunities.

    In hindsight, I know that I have passed up those opportunities and missed out on what could have been a powerful inspiring experience where God was wanting me to bring love, openness, peace, comfort, etc. whatever the situation offered and I was being asked to give of myself.

    In hindsight, I know the wonderful experiences that God has showered on us all
    yes that includes when we take the take the time to create community.

    Makes me think of the saying, “What would Jesus do?” and now in the opportunity or opportunities offered “What is Jesus asking of Sister Esther/ or whoever to make creating community a lived experience wherever and whenever one has the opportunity.

    Thanks again , Julia, for sharing and continuing the share in your gift of writing.