Social justice on Super Bowl Sunday

What if our nation got as excited about the Gospel as we do sports? Or better yet, what if we got more excited about God than cheering for a team?

How different would this day be? How different would we be?

A wise Sister once pointed out to me that if we celebrated the liturgical seasons with the same fervor as we have for sport teams, then our whole society would be transformed. Maybe, I thought, things would seem more like the Reign of God that Christ proclaimed.

Can you imagine it? Our clothes colors could coordinate with the priest’s vestments. Instead of fancy stadiums, we’d have top-of-the-line community centers in every city so to better shelter the homeless, feed the hungry and heal the sick.  All people would have easy access to a vibrant worship community.  Upon waking, we’d read our Bibles instead of the sports page.

And, maybe instead of having Super Bowl parties today, we’d have parties to celebrate today’s feast: The Presentation of the Lord in the temple.

Here’s one thing that shouldn’t be hypothetical: We would be more concerned with the social injustices that happen behind the scenes at the Super Bowl.  We would be better in touch with the reality of inequality and violence that comes with all our American celebrations. This information would be common knowledge:

Our hearts would be involved with another awful injustice. For, even more alarming than the facts about wealth and poverty is the truth about what happens to many women on this day.


Read this article to learn about the horrific, true story about sex trafficking.

Then, join my community and me in prayer.

Go here to learn what else you can do to make a difference.

No matter what you do, I hope you’ll keep Christ part of your day! Peace!

let’s get ready

My heart has been craving Advent for a couple of weeks now.

"vigil lights" by Julia Walsh, FSPA
“vigil lights” by Julia Walsh FSPA

I have been hungry for some quality getting-ready time.  The time that I’m wanting is not a period packed with the stuff or resolutions, penance, or spiritual obligations.  It’s not about hard work or removing abundance.  I don’t have to give everything away nor fast instead of feast.  Although I’ll deal with my sinfulness it’s not the focus.

Nope, this Advent time that I have been hungry for is much more fun than remembering how I am a sinner.  It’s full of joy and glory.  This time is about excited anticipation, about jumping up and down because we know something great is coming to town, about decorating and preparing our lives and hearts for the greatest party ever.  The excitement energizes and anything that once seemed mundane now is zapped with a love for life.

It’s kind-of like when, in college, my friends and I used to spend an hour or two getting dressed up and doing our hair to go out dancing. The fun was in the preparation. Being together, singing, laughing and snacking with the nervous energy of anticipation was probably much more fun than the rest of the evening.

It’s kind-of like the baby shower we had for my sister a couple of months ago.  The fun was in the silly games, the feasting, stories, goofy gifts, and wondering what the new person would be like.

This time is kind-of like the fun that my sister and I had a couple of years ago when we decided to make a thanksgiving feast for the rest of our family. Before anyone else arrived, the kitchen turned into a huge mess of creativity.  As we got ready, we laughed, sang, danced and tasted everything good in sight.

This Advent time is also kind-of like when the sisters and I gather to pray by candlelight before a night of house fun.  We don’t exactly know how the evening will end or what wacky thing will happen and it doesn’t matter.  Before the laughter and chatter, we’re totally content with waiting and praying together in the sacred silence of the dark.

It’s all about getting ready, anticipation, joy, and prayerful waiting.

Love is on the horizon, and we are full of joy and hope because we know what’s near.

This God time has arrived.

Let’s get this Love-preparation-party started.

Brothers and sisters:
May the Lord make you increase and abound in love
for one another and for all,
just as we have for you,
so as to strengthen your hearts,
to be blameless in holiness before our God and Father
at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his holy ones. Amen.                                   – 1 Thessalonians 3:12-13