Compass by guest blogger, Sister Sarah Hennessey







I’d like a compass

with you to the north

and my sister to the west.


I’d keep it in my pocket

and take it out

when I can’t remember the skin 

I’m in or the rhythm of my song.


To the south

are the mountains,

pink rhododendrons and sweet tea.


And to the east–

east is where the sun rises

and the Christ-light

finds me always

on the way home.





“Sunrise at Trout Lake” photo by Julia Walsh FSPA

it’s morning, I wake

in dreams and prayers, I roll around

overwhelmed, I wonder

gazing out the window, I sigh

“encouragement- thanks God,” I acknowledge

bowing to the beauty and mystery, I move into the day.

Tell us:  How has God encouraged you lately?

you are the light of the world

with innocence spark
leaps fearlessly from
the fire deep inside
where bread breaks and
desire is hot.

spark, simple and pure,
whispers her destiny
“I’m going to Love!”

parent flames are
reminded of their
source and purpose and
so beam out peace.

spark returns as
quickly as she left,
greatly changed.
Now she’s a gust of
energizing wind.

"Bonfire" by Angela Cruz

so spark soars, moves and
dances into the creative community
gusting breathing life
into oppressive systems and uncomfortable truth.

grabbing the hands,
holding the pain,
breaking bread and
uniting in the struggle
all become one.

groaning, hoping, praying,
together they are the heat of the Fire
“Jesus we hear you.
Your Kingdom come.
Your will be done.”


Born-Again Christmas

art and poetry by Sister Julia Walsh, FSPA

diversity of light energizes and zaps

seeds sprout into enlightened silence

presence powers

pulls and dances

no crushing yet


cracks allow





and joy

to be birthed

from a still,

fire-y womb-like




and merges

into one.

may it be done.

(Kingdom has come!)

MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear readers! May you be deeply blessed with great peace and joy and may your work of birthing God’s kingdom into the world in your own ways be a light.  Love, Sister Julia

an advent day

The sky cracked open

and with a boom, a crack and a caress

Truth came to.

In a hushed corner of the universe,

the corner of that one woman’s soul,

a spark ignites.

She lifts up her gaze

and holds her breath

sensing something

on its way.

Beyond the frost on the winter glass,

beyond the fence with the waiting bird,

beyond the city limit dump,

beyond the trees that shrink in the breeze,

a speck catches her eye.

This speck in the silent sky

moves toward her

forcefully with destiny

that can’t be


That woman- she knows

without squinting or doubting, that

a change is coming.

She moves and begins,

cooperates and prepares

by simply getting into her day.

With a click of her tounge

and a glance to the sky,

she begins to pray,

“Thank you Good God,

for this Advent day.”