Christ the King party music

Happy Feast of Christ the King! I’ve shared thoughts about this day in the past. Today though, I just want to provide some music and humor for your Christ the King celebrations.  Enjoy! First, some classic hymns made into catchy praise and worship music: And, now for a hymn with some humor: Have fun! And,Continue reading “Christ the King party music”

No worries, no joke, if the world ends, I still love you

“To all my Pharisaical law-worshiper acquaintances: if the “rapture” happens this weekend like you demand it must, let me just say: my house keys are under the back doormat, so help yourself to my guns & Bibles. Please be gentle, though, when you throw the hardcover one at each other.  I won’t be there toContinue reading “No worries, no joke, if the world ends, I still love you”

passing things around in the USA

Brace yourself. This video may make you laugh or cringe. This sampling got me thinking about the general values of our country.  I remembered that a couple years ago there was some fascinating debate about whether the USA is really a Christian nation.  In the current climate of political unrest, I believe it is aContinue reading “passing things around in the USA”