Peace, as the shepherds knew it

Merry Christmas! Yes, my celebrating continues. My rejoicing in the coming of God to earth is not about candy canes or toys. Nope, Christmas Every Day is all about peace and peacemaking and it’s not necessarily cozy and sweet.  Christmas peace is challenging and communal. My life seems pretty peaceful nowadays, and it is aContinue reading “Peace, as the shepherds knew it”

incarnation, salvation, wow!

Merry Christmas! Yup, I am still celebrating. And, here’s a fun little Christmas video I found that I thought you might enjoy. It’s not just a fun story about talking toys and figurines. The video is also packed with a bit of Catholic theology, so you might learn something too! As a Franciscan, I reallyContinue reading “incarnation, salvation, wow!”

a life to the fullest type of December

“I came so that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.”  – John 10:10b Merry Christmas! God is with us!  And, this God who is with us- Baby Jesus- has given us the greatest gift of all: life! I believe that life abundant means that life is packed full with all bliss andContinue reading “a life to the fullest type of December”

a mucky way of peace

As I continue to try to be a faithful disciple of Jesus I continually confront the messy, cluttered commotion along the Way.  I feel like I keep switching from being stunned by the beauty and caught in my human confusion. The words I pray every morning stir my questions: “Blessed be the Lord, the GodContinue reading “a mucky way of peace”

Advent Stumblings

Guest blogger: Ben Anderson I didn’t get it right. The new mass words have begun this Advent and I have often found myself stumbling and failing at it. I hate that, failing. The irrational part of me flairs up in a puff of anger at myself and others. I want to be “right,” and suchContinue reading “Advent Stumblings”

the power of paradox

Our world is a mess and in need of redemption.  Christ is coming to save us.  Yet, Christ the Light has already come to save us and we are redeemed now. The Kingdom of God is now and not yet.  There’s a power in the paradox that teaches us how to hold out hope. YesterdayContinue reading “the power of paradox”

the disturbing, poor baby Jesus

Pop Quiz!  This is a question from a test I recently gave my Peace and Justice students.  See if you can get it right! The answer will be at the end of this post, in case you’re not really sure. Advent is a season of waiting. This year, I keep asking God what I’m waitingContinue reading “the disturbing, poor baby Jesus”