What it takes to see God’s reign

This coming Sunday is one of my favorite feasts in the Church year: the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. It is also known as the Feast of Christ the King. On this feast I celebrate something I believe, deeply: from the macro of the cosmos to the micro of ourContinue reading “What it takes to see God’s reign”

Christ the King party music

Happy Feast of Christ the King! I’ve shared thoughts about this day in the past. Today though, I just want to provide some music and humor for your Christ the King celebrations.  Enjoy! First, some classic hymns made into catchy praise and worship music: And, now for a hymn with some humor: Have fun! And,Continue reading “Christ the King party music”

royal hype

Jesus is King, the scriptures say. We celebrated this at church last Sunday because it was the Feast of Christ the King.  As I prayed and contemplated, I wondered if the feast day matters more to the Christians who live in modern monarchies than me, an American who only knows about human kings from whatContinue reading “royal hype”