Sister Julia Walsh, FSPA (Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration) and the Rabble Rousers aim to  live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, resisting a comfortable version of Christianity.

Convinced that this Jesus business- this Gospel living- is radical and full of struggle, these disciples experience Jesus breaking into hearts, igniting fires, encouraging and blessing.

They feel Jesus uniting the body through holy communion when they gather around dusty tables and smoky fires to share and care. Together they pray, pay attention, and play.

Then, nourished for action they go forward preaching Love, Peace and Truth. Facing the oppressive systems of the global empires, they struggle and ache for full of justice.

Their response is the Way of Jesus, the Gospel Life.

With hands and feet, they pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” And along the way, the build the Church they dream about, trusting that God works through their wounds and hurting hearts.

Contemplate the Gospel with us, challenge the ways of the world with us, walk with us, pray with us.

As you read and contemplate, please comment on our reflections and share them with your friends and enemies. Inspire us and support us with your own bold, messy Gospel-living.

Let Jesus mess you up, like he has messed us up.

Welcome to the mess!

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