Walking in beauty

No matter what the season, God helps me to find the beauty in the neighborhood in which I live. Perhaps one of my biggest struggles as I develop my spiritual practices and prayer life is staying in the present moment. I find my attention wandering not only during prayer, but during meals and conversations withContinue reading “Walking in beauty”

Expressions of love, totally ignored

Have you ever felt like someone was ignoring you? As if, although you have a history of friendly relationship with someone, they no longer recognize you as different from any other stranger in a crowd? That, even despite your efforts to greet them with love and reconcile the relationship, they chose to snub you andContinue reading “Expressions of love, totally ignored”

St. Francis Day Photos

Worldwide Franciscans like me are celebrating the founder of our order today. On the eve of this day, in 1226 St. Francis of Assisi died and went to heaven. Last night we celebrated the Transits to memorialize this sacred story. Today we remember and honor St. Francis’ story and contributions to the Church. Through his witness 800 years ago,Continue reading “St. Francis Day Photos”

For the Love of Earth

Today is the World Day of Prayer for Creation! This is an ecumenical and global day of prayer.  World-wide, Christians are united in prayer for the healing of this sacred home and our Sister, Mother Earth. Out of love for her, we pray in hope and thanksgiving. Here in La Crosse, Wisconsin we are keepingContinue reading “For the Love of Earth”

Like loon encounters

“rowing on Trout Lake” photo by Julia Walsh FSPA Like loon encounters  Communion with the Creator can come like loon encounters, when you are simply rowing through life and enjoying the ride, then-ah-behold: the sight of loon dancing, diving, singing, playing. The surprise of beauty, of scenery, of simplicity. Many ecstasies come in these off-shoreContinue reading “Like loon encounters”

Loving wide open

The gaps are quickly filling in between the branches as more and more leaves open up each day. As more leaves open and crowd the trees with bright color I am reminded how we are also like small leaves–alone, we are vulnerable and hopeful. Together we are strong and form a bold, bright, colorful community. WeContinue reading “Loving wide open”

Holy Week in images

This is a Holy Week, a week to review all of salvation history. This is a week to enter into the story of Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem. Jesus, who is our love and savior, has experienced the grit, the suffering, the mystery and mess of our human living. With active imagination and prayerful hearts, weContinue reading “Holy Week in images”

Volumes of vibrancy

     Even with the season’s change and fading colors, I will remember the brightness and beauty of where I have been and what I have seen. The folds of these flowers frozen now in photos reminds me of yes: God’s beauty holds mystery. Yes, all of creation contains volumes of vibrancy!    

crossing shadows

No matter where I am in the world- where I am in my life- I continue to be fascinated with how light and dark dance together.  As I journey with Jesus through transitions and changes, I continue to be in wonder and awe of how I experience Christ’s presence in the shadows, the cracks, theContinue reading “crossing shadows”