the lacy trees caress the breeze like solemn faces staring into eternity hoping to see, understand what is happening across the gray cloud cover a sudden clear message: time to, must stop cheering, chattering, sobbing over life lost and mission done stand together lean into the new Easter leaves and remember to be family listeningContinue reading “response”

all the elements

    elementary         candles burning, wooden table: smoke, dust, gas, wind, heat, wax, light, flame, smell, hear bread and wine: solid, liquid, food, drink, taste cups, plates: stone, cold, earth, clay, art, see wet feet: blood, dirt, mess, water, mud, touch         secondary         mixedContinue reading “all the elements”


  it’s morning, I wake in dreams and prayers, I roll around overwhelmed, I wonder gazing out the window, I sigh “encouragement- thanks God,” I acknowledge bowing to the beauty and mystery, I move into the day. Tell us:  How has God encouraged you lately?

you are the light of the world

with innocence spark leaps fearlessly from the fire deep inside where bread breaks and desire is hot. spark, simple and pure, whispers her destiny “I’m going to Love!” parent flames are reminded of their source and purpose and so beam out peace. spark returns as quickly as she left, greatly changed. Now she’s a gustContinue reading “you are the light of the world”

hallow hope

Bored with the rosary beads and anxiety of agendas I gaze up from the corner chapel in my 9th floor imaginary tree house home. My blurred vision moves from the cross to the obnoxious glow of the golden arches and hallows the hope that once was fire warming my heart over the violent city. Yet,Continue reading “hallow hope”

Born-Again Christmas

diversity of light energizes and zaps seeds sprout into enlightened silence presence powers pulls and dances no crushing yet broken cracks allow deep justice purity color and joy to be birthed from a still, fire-y womb-like tomb Truth flows and merges into one. may it be done. (Kingdom has come!) MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear readers! MayContinue reading “Born-Again Christmas”

an advent day

The sky cracked open and with a boom, a crack and a caress Truth came to. In a hushed corner of the universe, the corner of that one woman’s soul, a spark ignites. She lifts up her gaze and holds her breath sensing something on its way. Beyond the frost on the winter glass, beyondContinue reading “an advent day”