Merry Christmas!

Yup, I am still celebrating.

And, here’s a fun little Christmas video I found that I thought you might enjoy. It’s not just a fun story about talking toys and figurines. The video is also packed with a bit of Catholic theology, so you might learn something too!

As a Franciscan, I really am celebrating Christmas all year.  I do all I can to celebrate the salvation that comes from the Incarnation; to adore Jesus, my love with deep joy.

God becoming one of us– with flesh and skin–was such a big deal that we’re all set free. It’s because of this freedom that I get to devote my life to working for the Peace on Earth that was proclaimed at the first nativity.

Adoring Jesus, praying and working for peace is the everyday type of Christmas celebrating I get behind with my whole heart. It’s the other stuff–the stuff of Christmas cookies, silly songs and decorations– that now feels like a chore. The fun can wear off when a whole community isn’t with us in something, don’t you think?

Anyhow, Merry Christmas! I hope you’ll go celebrate salvation and do something prayerful and playful. I hope you’ll use your freedom to build peace on earth.

God be with us; thank God that God is with us!  Amen!

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