As we catch our  breath and sigh with relief in solidarity with the Boston area, we can pause and consider all the lessons learned this week.

I find the wisdom in this article particularly relevant: we are better than this.

As we learn, let us remember that God designed us as loving, good, relational creatures who naturally respond to harm with forgiveness and peace.  As we heal, let’s act as we’re designed.

Turn to your community today and get to know your neighbors.  Pray, share meals, do a Spring clean-up, play a sport, share a good conversation.  We need each other. We are made for each other, and we are made for good.

P.S. Apparently many subscribers didn’t get an email about the blog post that I wrote on Tuesday of this week because of some technology fluke.  The post is called “laments for Boston, the peace of Christ and the wisdom of Mr. Rogers.”  So sorry about that!! Here it is: