Happy St. Francis Day!!!

I love this guy.

Today, I invite you to do three simple and important things to honor St. Francis and his legacy that continues to inspire people, like me, to follow Jesus in messy, authentic ways.  The three actions I propose are totally Franciscan things to do.

Join my Franciscan family and me in celebrating the goodness of God and praising him for the gift of our founder!

Help us try to build the kingdom of God through our actions, ministry, simple lifestyle and prayer.

1.) Help the Poor.  There are a lot of ways you can help those less fortunate. I really, really would like you to help me with one cause that is near and dear to my heart and causing me to have a hard week.  The people who I know at Tubman House in California are in desperate need for help right now.  Unless they get enough donations quickly they’ll have to close this weekend or at the end of the month. If Tubman closes, some amazing parents and their children will go back to being homeless and the organization will be forced to stop doing all the amazing work they doRead all about the details and make a donation here.  Sign up to become a regular donor here.

2.) Protect the Environment. Just like helping the poor, there are many, many ways you can protect the environment.  I’d love it if you checked out all the awesome work that the good people at Catholic Climate Covenant are up to. And, then, I hope you’ll sign The St. Francis Pledge!

3.) Pray and Work for Peace. I had trouble coming up with a suggestion for this one– because there are so many issue specific peace organizations- -but being a nonviolent peacemaker is totally important.  Perhaps we can all pause for at least 30 quiet minutes in solitude and silence today to pray for peace in our hearts, our homes, our communities, our country and our world.

The great thing is that if we do these three simple actions we won’t just honor Francis, we’ll honor Jesus too.  That’s the great thing about saints!

Thanks for your participation and Happy St. Francis Day!

  1. I’m just one human doing my thing ..feeding whom ever I come in contact..We had set up 3 small outside panties ..but I like to call them neighbors helping neighbors ..kids in school thought it up ..but unless there is no direction ..kids seem to fall short as well as some adults ..well..One town was hit by vandals ..I asked that it be put up ..they are dragging feet..hunger has no time for such behavior and I told them ..so folks see my red truck ..they come..I see the faces..I keep reminding folks out there ..that could be anyone of us ..course no one wants to hear that..I help out serving lunches with loafs and fishes..but these folks for most part don’t need such help..they come just to get together..the lions club got involved as it’s a way of earning a badge..well..I’m not helping out for a badge ..I get food out there where they are needed..the working poor,the single parent,elderly living from day to day ..loafs and fishes has helped me by providing extras they don’t use,and anyone else ..also provided is laundry soap. personal items..no questions asked ..you need it ..please take..I’m working on my pin feathers ..as God gives out maybe just one pin feather at a time ..takes a lot to make a set of angel swings ..and that my friend I’m am not..I told a collar off not too long ago ..what I thought of his raising money in some country…looked right at him ..instead of helping those in some far off land ..look in your back yard ..you live in the poores county around..homelessness,working poor,single parents trying to make ends meet.
    Elderly going with out..and mind you proud folks..they worked all their lives and now what..they are told oh ..you could get this and that ..fill out 20 forms for 9 dollars extra on snap ..what a joke..some deciding to forgo meds for food ,or heat …I know of others like me who just say the hell with it ..and do what we have to …like I said hunger has no time table..thank you for letting this old bag of bones to unload ..bless you ..