Really, how hard is peace? Where does it start?
Because really, I could handle peace a lot more if everyone else would just behave themselves. Like if that woman in the grocery store would be cognizant of her physical space boundaries, and move her cart over so I could get through, instead of gabbing on her phone forever, I could get at my cereal.
And if my friend showed up on time, we wouldn’t have to scramble to find seats at the performance. If the car in front of me was actually going the speed limit, I would have made that light and not be late to work.
If. If. If.
If I were to stop objectifying people, and instead acknowledge their own trials, this may turn out differently. Would I feel different about that woman in the grocery store, had I known she was having one of the last conversations with her mom? Would I forgive my friend had I known she had complications with her car? Would I have more patience if I’d known the driver in front of me was dealing with flashbacks of an accident she was in three years ago?
Peace. Peace of the heart comes when we understand each other. When we stop trying to use each other. When we start respecting each other just because we are human. Today is the International Day of Peace – a day where around the globe, people lay down their violent hearts. Hundreds of thousands of children are immunized because of this day. War-torn neighborhoods have a moment of respite. A moment of hope.
Peace Day sign
Your neighborhood might not be at war, but I bet your heart is. I invite you to take a moment and step out of your shoes into those of another. Acknowledge the truths we have, celebrate the differences, and pray. Pray that acceptance comes easily.
Happy Peace Day everyone.
p.s. To see if there is a peace day activity near you, visit If you’re near La Crosse, Wis., meet up at St. Rose Convent’s Mary of the Angels Chapel for a prayer vigil at 3 p.m. Then head over to UW-La Crosse for evening entertainment!