shells meditation


I feel small and insignificant

like one of many tiny seashells

on an expansive shore.

“fragile” by Julia Walsh FSPA

I don’t understand the science of seashells.

 I wonder how they grow;

is it like me,

from the inside out?

An inner transformation for the greater good?

I can crack and crumble

and become a fleck of tiny sand.

But I am awakened for the sake of mission!

Yes, I can crack and crumble.

Or, I can sparkle and be strong ground for new life growing.

Or, I can offer a home of shelter for a creature in need.

Or, I can go back to the waves of the sea

and see where the mystery

of God’s love

might carry me.

By God’s grace

I am one of many,

but I am free!

4 thoughts on “shells meditation

  1. Julia,
    I just recently learned why we hear the seashore when we put our ear to a shell. The shell echoes back the sound of the rushing of our blood. How amazing and magical….

  2. Julia I love this poem and I was wondering if I s could have your permission to use it in a prayer time for a gathering of educators from the Archdiocese of Brisbane? Please let me know. Blessings on your work and thank you for your inspirational words.

    1. Hi Margaret! Yes, of course you may! Thanks for asking! I am grateful and honored that you find my writing helpful for prayer. Please give credit to me & Messy Jesus Business on any copies you make. Thanks again and God bless you! Peace, S. Julia

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