It’s the one year anniversary of Messy Jesus Business!  We’ve shared a lot this year.  Thanks for reading and participating!

What was your favorite post?

What would you like to see more of as Messy Jesus Business enters its second year?

  1. In case you like statistics, here’s a few for you…

    Besides the homepage, the top 10 posts are:
    Dear Aemiliana, Dear Sarah: 341 views
    “Done Made My Vows to the Lord”: 314
    Segues: 288
    No worries, no joke, if the world ends, I still love you: 277
    God has got this: 211
    coming home: 206
    stories that shoot the truth: 204
    in God’s time: 196
    some non-patriotic flag day thoughts: 184
    hallow hope: 179
    like the flowers :177
    for the love of God: 172

    You can find any of these posts by typing their name in the search tool on the left side of this page.

    And, as of today (11/23/11) the blog has had over 13,862 views. The blog went live on the Feast of Christ the King in 2010.

    1. I like the randomness of what you’re feeling/liking/seeing/wanting to comment on . . .I’d rather not guide you with my preferences . ..I like the surprise of thinking about things I wouldn’t necessarily have thought before . . Keep up the good work . . .and Thank You . . .mk