A triple feast day proclaims the goodness of God:

a servant to the poor, Basil

a chapel for Franciscans devoted to Mary, the mother of God

and a combination of dreams and awe.

I pause with amazement and praise.

Abundance gathered in a year now proclaimed:

infants in arms

being a mother, Godmother I mean

stars, falling across black expanse

new brown clothes

bread, water, wine

sharing with students

something like success

dark, communion, monks, saints

adoration, candles, flowers, prayer

good novels

expanded consciousness and self-understanding

messy Jesus business

claiming an identity

laughter with community

fires, songs, secrets

music, mystery, tears

quinoa salad

truth told

adventures in bliss, boats

the best wedding ever

union with God

new friends in

old friends out

powerful poetry

a preaching debut

earth between fingers, toes

seeds planted, weeds grow

thunder, blizzards, heat, fog

floods, tornadoes, waterspout

tall trees, simple ferns

scrapes, bruises, blood

stones gathered on shores

city views

fine dining

movie theaters

simplicity sought

yoga, stretching, aching

dancing out loud

for justice and peace

a cluttered colorful room

questions, transitions

adulthood has officially arrived

all that has been

prepared me deeply

for more fine, spirited, sacred

good gospel living

"water into wonder" by Julia Walsh, FSPA