My Daily Bread

Will I grow old alone,
a pitied spinster, the dried-up
Can we grow young,
Like the seaside,
when your first
Kiss taught me justice?
was never much
of an option.
A slow
steady courtship
has made me yours
a thousand times.
My wine-soaked heart
My lungs as
Daily bread
My sweet
My love
My Jesus


can I slip my fingers through yours
one last time, don’t stop,
my Lover has me
all the time
blessed, broken
and shared
my heart
and your
  1. Beautiful, intimate poems, Julia! Thanks!

    For Corpus Christi I’m going to Sagrado Corazon, near where we live, for the Mass & procession this evening. The MN budget negotiations going on at the state capitol thru the weekend have been so much on my mind. How these compromises are worked out will greatly affect the most vulnerable parts of the Body of Christ, and I want to put more good energy into calling down the Holy Spirit on the leaders involved. In this setting, too, God can work miracles and be glorified!

  2. Oh Patricia, these poems are by Sarah. But, yes, I agree, they are excellent!!! 🙂 Wow, blessings for your prayer and advocacy in MN… I pray with you, sister, that justice reigns as people unite for the common good.