3 thoughts on “Can anything good come from Haiti?

  1. Thanks, Jayne! I appreciate your first-hand view. A parish pastor from Haiti spoke in our parish in St. Paul. When someone asked what has happened to the food & other supplies that were donated he sd much of it is still in warehouses. When asked who is in charge, he sd the government. When asked why the government doesn’t distribute it, he just shrugged his shoulder & sd, “It’s the government,” which I took as resignation to corruption.

    I’d like to see U. S. aid to people in such desperate situations go in the form of micro-loans to mothers of families. They’d figure out ways to set up small businesses, feed their families, & in the process help to stabilize the country. What do you think?

  2. Jayne,
    Thank you for your reflection here. I’m especially grateful for the way you model introspection and critical and compassionate inquiry. These lines stood out to me:

    “I need to change the way my privileged mind thinks.

    We were asked by the leaders of the association not to speak: a witness to the pride, competence, and leadership of the growers (despite their lack of formal education). The meeting commenced with prayer, and then the lessons began.

    How much of my life am I willing to sacrifice for the least in my community? Am I willing to hear the dreams and desires of the marginalized in my own community and commit to accompanying them towards their dreams?”

    Blessings on your studies at Catholic Theological Union! Blessings on the way that this experience, along with all that you have encountered in the classroom, is fodder for your evolving journey living as a woman of social justice.

    Peace, Prayers,
    Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde
    Visitation Companion

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