The sky cracked open

and with a boom, a crack and a caress

Truth came to.

In a hushed corner of the universe,

the corner of that one woman’s soul,

a spark ignites.

She lifts up her gaze

and holds her breath

sensing something

on its way.

Beyond the frost on the winter glass,

beyond the fence with the waiting bird,

beyond the city limit dump,

beyond the trees that shrink in the breeze,

a speck catches her eye.

This speck in the silent sky

moves toward her

forcefully with destiny

that can’t be


That woman- she knows

without squinting or doubting, that

a change is coming.

She moves and begins,

cooperates and prepares

by simply getting into her day.

With a click of her tounge

and a glance to the sky,

she begins to pray,

“Thank you Good God,

for this Advent day.”